Twin Souls by Leah Sarah Ince
Written on 09/11/13 at 03:22:47 EST by Jeanniesbottle
Poems and Creative WritingTwin Souls

When I see you there, my heart turns to you,
Yours to mine, in bliss divine,
Together on earth, I found you again,
To search no more.

You pull at my heart, stirring my mind,
on our ancient memories of our true connection,
as love twins soul.

Parted we were, to start our journeys
not together that time.
To ancient love rekindled,
Let it touch your heart, your soul.

Will you let the flames unite
Burn together once more?
Will you let your heart feel our love
to its core?

Will you let the fire of our twinship
fire your soul once more?
Our hearts as one.

~Leah Sarah Ince

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