Double Edged Sword
Written on 11/05/13 at 13:44:21 EST by Jeanniesbottle
Poems and Creative WritingCaring too much I have found is like a double edged sword.
Sometimes those you try to help or be there for
don't understand the depth of your caring and sometimes
say or do something that makes your caring feel unwanted.

Do I stop caring due to this?  Over and over again it happens.
Which is better?  To continue caring regardless if it's
appreciated it or not?  Or is it better to learn to stop
caring at all?

It's times like these I understand why people put walls up
and do their best to care as little as possible.
Unfortunately, that option is not a choice for me.
No matter how many times my heart becomes fractured
and torn to pieces, my heart won't stop caring.

Sometimes caring really a double edged sword.

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