Death of a Relationship
Written on 11/19/13 at 07:19:49 EST by Jeanniesbottle
Poems and Creative WritingWhen you pledge to spend the rest of your life with someone
and within a short time span that person says, "I'm in
love with someone else and I'm thinking about leaving you,"
there are no words to describe the devastation that causes.

In reaction you say the "D" word is not an option out of fear and  because you are struggling to hold your family together.  To avoid the major upheaval the "D" word will cause.  By doing so, this guilts the person into staying out of a sort of obligation due to the major pain that person realizes he has caused you and to the entire family unit.

My question is, if that person truly realizes the pain that he
causes, then why do it?  How can you say you love someone, and then do something that on some level you realize will add yet more hurts on top of the ones they have confessed to you over the years?  If you truly love someone it should be your natural inclination to protect that person's heart, not crush it to satisfy your own selfish needs.

Holding on to someone through emotional obligation
is like holding them as a virtual prisoner.  If a person
does not have the interest to keep a relationship
with you, than it's like holding onto air.

Letting go of someone who means the world to you is hard
but it is just as hard as holding onto someone who does not feel the same.  However at one point, you have to love yourself enough to cut the ties that bond you from that someone.

It turns out that even more devastating then the "D" word meaning divorce is when the "D" word more closely stands for the "Death" of a relationship that was allowed to die due to one of the two persons involved not being interested in really loving the other.

Unconditional love is truly rare.  To find a love that endures the test of time and life is the greatest treasure of all.

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